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Bringing the Best Urban Music to Your Ears

From passing the day with new R&B beats to winding down with some old-school reggae classics, Juice UK London supplies the soundtrack to your life. At our urban radio and music station we run shows by a number of talented presenters, each of which brings their own style and genre of urban tunes. With playlists spanning the '80s, '90s, early 2000s, and new, undiscovered artists, our tracks are sure to liven up your day.

Wide-Ranging Programmes

Juice UK London is the number one radio station for R&B, hip-hop, trap, soul, dance hall, grime, funky house, reggae, afro beats, soca, and all good urban music. However, our programming isn't just all about music. We also run several talk shows, sports shows, artist interviews, and even have a dedicated entertainment correspondent who covers films, fashion, celebrities, and red carpet events. Our presenters also keep our listeners updated with regular news, travel, and weather reports.

Interacting with Our Listeners

It is important for a radio station to interact with its listeners and the people that love what they are doing. We regularly have artists getting in touch with us via Facebook™ and Twitter™ to express their delight at Juice UK London and the work that we're doing. It is our goal to relate to our listenership, and form bonds that are based on a shared love of urban music. As part of this commitment, we often play songs back-to-back, allowing people to party and enjoy the music without requiring interaction.

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Listen to Juice UK London on the go by downloading our free app. Available on the iTunes™ app store for iPhones™ and the Google™ Play store for Windows™ phones and Blackberrys™, the app is currently free for a limited time only.

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